Visitors Guide for Belize

CLOTHING - Traveling light offers the most fun. Belize is a very informal country. Casual summer clothes are sufficient along with: a light weight Windbreaker, Long sleeved Shirt & Pants; Sandals and Running shoes or Hiking boots with Socks - all are good ideas. Also don't forget a hat.

EQUIPMENT -  Binoculars are a plus! An absolute must-have in this spectacular & diverse country. A flashlight with fresh batteries is also a good idea - as the roads and beach are not lit at night. Don't forget the sun block and insect repellant, especially if you are going to the jungle.


CAMERA EQUIPMENT - Bring your own

camera gear in a zip-lock bag to protect from

moisture. If you still use film, be sure to bring

plenty and expect to have it developed when you return home, it is very expensive locally. We try to keep a few disposable cameras, land & underwater, for sale in our gift shop.


ART EQUIPMENT - Bring your own. Locally you will have a difficult time finding adequate, top quality art supplies.


COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT - Many cell phones will not work in Belize If you want to call home you can purchase pre-paid phone cards from our office. Please leave OUR phone number, email address, and fax number with your people at home in case of emergency. We have FREE Internet service for our guests to send and receive emails.


SNORKEL EQUIPMENT - Visitors are encouraged bring their own, although we do have limited snorkel equipment available for rental. On tours equipment is provided.


SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT - Many divers bring their own. Leave weights at home. Spear Guns are Not Allowed. On tours equipment is provided.


FISHING EQUIPMENT - Important to bring your own "gears". Local Fishermen suggestions for Rod & Line: Fly Fishing - 10 or 12 weight Rod required. Line weight, sink tip and intermediate. Fly line with 80 lbs test. Bonefish - 8 lbs Rod with bonefish leader. Line 8 to 16 lbs test. Permit - 9 or 10 lbs test Rod with same size Bonefish leader. Local Fishermen's suggestions for Flies & Lures: Bonefish flies - Charlie's venous colors. Permit flies - Crabs venous colors. Tarpon flies - Black & Red Caribbean Lobster. Spincasting - Broke back Rebels 6 inch size. Rattle trap various size & colors. Rapalas sinking magnum CD 14. Likely Catch Peak Seasons: Tarpon May-September. The prime areas around Placencia include: Crowe's Nest Caye, Normal Caye, Moho Caye and Tarpon Caye; Bonefish April - November. Mangrove-lined lagoons and flats, river mouths around Placencia; Permit March - May. Flats close to reef and in lagoon and river channels and holes; larger individuals found in the area from Placencia to Punta Gorda. We find snook in the lagoon.

TIME ZONE - Belize is on Central Standard Time (CST) year round.


GETTING HERE IS EASY - You will likely fly into Belize International Airport (BZE) then hop on a shuttle flight to the Placencia airstrip.  We can assist you by booking your shuttle flight.  If we book your flights, we will provide FREE shuttle service to and from the resort.  If you or a travel agent books your flights, there is a $15 pick up and drop off fee, each way.  Driving can be very challenging in Belize!  We do not recommend driving at night.  Get details before trying it.  We can provide you directions on request.


TRIP INSURANCE - We do not sell the insurance and it can be a good idea but make sure that you READ THE FINE PRINT about what is NOT covered. Some credit cards also provide trip insurance.


CURRENCY - The Belize dollar is tied to the US dollar at a rate of 2 to 1. This means you get $2 Belize for every $1 US. US cash works well in Belize so bring as much as you feel comfortable carrying. Bring the rest in Travelers Checks, most of them at $20 face value. Atlantic, Belize Bank and Scotia Banks have branch offices in Placencia. ATM's are not easy to find in our area. We can charge all of your tours, meals and resort purchases via either Master Card, Visa or American Express.


NOTE: Many credit card companies are NOT giving 2 for 1 exchange and may charge international fees. They give less, so your bill in dollars will be higher. If that happens call your credit card issuer, NOT the Green Parrot… as we have NO control over how your credit card company posts the charges.


HEALTHCARE - A part time doctor is available in Placencia. The British Forces helicopters are available 24 hours a day for Emergency situations. Arrival time to the Green Parrot is 20 minutes. In Belize City, a private medical clinic is adjacent to the new Hospital.


There is only a limited Pharmacy in this area, so please remember your medications! Also consider bringing insect repellant, anti-histimines, and topical steroid cream for itching. Stay comfortable - "It's a jungle out there!"


Immunizations - No immunizations are required for Belize as long as you are up to date on all normal innoculations. Malaria medication is not necessary for your stay at the Green Parrot but you should consider it for extended stays in the jungle. Please, do consult your local healthcare provider.

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