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An Unexpected Delight

Review written by: Roy McNett

By Roy McNett, Editor


A quick decision after dark in Placencia, Belize turned into a very enjoyable visit.


About a month or so ago, I was invited to go along on a road trip to Placencia, Belize with Peggy and Lanny of s/v Lunasea, Wendy of s/v EnJoyBoat II and Odi, la chicle de mis zapatos.


We rode in Lanny’s famous dark green Chevy pickup with plenty of room for all five of us. My purpose was to pickup a Cummins-Onan genset from a house in The Placencia resort.


Lanny and Peggy just wanted to visit Placencia – they’d never been there before.


Wendy and Odi are always ready for a road trip. Wherever.


And, of course, we had no idea where we would stay for a couple of days .. didn’t make reservations, just jumped into the truck and off we went.


But by the time we arrived on the main highway in the outskirts of Placencia, it was already dark and we started looking for a place to stay. Lanny pulled into a couple of promising places but, since this was in October, they were closed for the offseason.


Then one of us spotted a small lighted sign for the Green Parrot and Lanny quickly found a parking spot.


Immediately, Isabela (the cook, head housekeeper and assistant to her brother Leonidas who serves as manager) told us that, yes, they had beach houses available, the kitchen was still open and she’d be absolutely delighted to have us stay.


She said since it was off season, we could have two large beach houses (not small bungalows at all – but full sized houses with kitchen, upstairs bedroom, porch, and living room) for a very reasonable rate.


We said yes, yes, yes then hauled the luggage to the houses and returned to the restaurant for cold drinks and a wonderful dinner – all prepared by Isabella – quickly and professionally.


Green Parrot Caribbean Beach Houses are, of course, located on the Caribbean side of Placencia, on a very clean and well maintained beach. Nope, no sand fleas or mosquitos.


Guests visiting on Maya BeachGreat breezes day and night, wonderful swimming, and the opportunity to snorkel, scuba, play with a glass bottom canoe, fish, kayak, bike and hike. And they'll help you organise trips Mayan ruins, Belize City and so forth.


The menu is excellent. Isabela made me a shrimp omelet the next morning (hey, if you haven't tried one, you're missing out. The others had a variety of fried jacks, eggs, fruit plates and other breakfast items not usually available in the Rio Dulce. A real treat.


We asked Isabela if we could have lobster for dinner the next day. No problem. She decided that since the lobsters were a bit small, she’d serve each of us two lobsters apiece. More than enough!


Lanny was grinning from ear to ear, rubbing his belly contentedly after we finished the meal.


There were only a couple of other guests while we were there, so we pretty much had Isabela’s undivided attention. She spoiled us rotten.


After picking up the genset the next day and getting a tour of The Placencia from Ron, we spent the rest of the day in Placencia village, hanging out at Yoli’s waterfront bar and restaurant, then at another bar called, I think, the Purple Monkey. Or the Purple Wankovich. Purple something, I think. I paid the bar tab, I think. Uh oh.


The next morning we gave Isabela big hugs (and some extra tips for the great service) and headed back across the border to spend the night in Flores, Guatemala. (I won’t go into detail about what happened after a Guatemalan border guard lifted up the tarp covering the genset as we tried to slip past him. But a couple of hours later, standing around in the hot sun, and my billfold considerably lighter, we continued on the journey).


Do we recommend the Green Parrot? Absolutely!


And you can get there by boat – just anchor off False Cay and dinghy in to the beach for drinks and dinner. Owners are David and Linda Allardice. Website for Green Parrot Caribbean Beach House is HERE. Contact them at

Do we recommend the Green Parrot? Absolutely!

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