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Relax on the resort dock

"David & Linda


Lisa and I are back in Omaha safely along with everyone else. We cannot put into words how truly grateful we are to the Green Parrot. Safe to say it was the best week off our lives. You gave us a wedding that completely blew us away. The staff was top notch and the accommodations beautiful. We will definitely be giving you great reviews and hope to come back again. Thank you again for everything.


Wyatt and Lisa"

"Dave and Linda,
How nice is that - I have a new screensaver with my hammock. Was not ready to leave after 12 days and I wish I was back there already!


We had a terrific time there as always - you certainly attract a very nice and friendly clientele - very inclusive. So nice to have all the lucky remaining group come out for the farewells and hugs. Leo and staff spoiled us - great staff.


It was so great to meet you and can't thank you enough for your many kindnesses. Did hear from someone whose fiance works at the old Zebos that it is an all inclusive and quite busy - she works in housekeeping and her sister works at the bar so maybe it is not just a money laundering establishment after all. Enjoyed our drinks at the Turtle Bay and was so happy that I was staying at the Green Parrot and not there will the unhappy looking "swells".


We will put on our thinking caps as to how you can best market your property to the crazy Canadians. You better be careful what you wish for! How many Gordon and Maggies can you stand anyway???


Cheers and thanks again for everything.
Maggie & Gordon"

"Spring (and dry!) greetings from New Jersey!


It was so nice to meet you in person also. We felt like we almost knew you already from our email "conversations".


We had a great stay at the Green Parrot and look forward to many more. We were happy to post a comment at Trip Advisor and it should be posted within 48 hours per the message we received.


Finally, thanks for your recommendation of the bug bite treatment (the hemp seed oil) - we continued to use it for several days after we got home.


We look forward to staying in touch with you both and perhaps we will see you again at the Green Parrot!!!


Kind regards,


Bill & Donna"

"David and Linda,


I will definitely post a comment with the Trip Advisor! We had a WONDERFUL time and will be back again! Your staff is incredible- warm and caring- and Leo is one in a million. We hope Nicole will be all right after her devastating Christmas and she is in our prayers.


Thank you for having us as guests - we did not want to leave.


Happy New Year!


Pam Arendall"

"Hi Linda,


We had a wonderful time at GP and will be writing all about how awesome the whole thing was on Trip We wanted you to know that we did not realize that we still had the key to our beach house until we at the Mayan Airport. The man behind the counter said he says one of your staff every day and would return the key to you. I hope that is the case.


Blizzard in Boulder today...could not even get to work!!



"Linda and David,


We have a blast at Green Parrot. We were relaxed within hours of arriving. Those hammocks and the orange beach chairs aer the best. Mostly, the staff there is great. You are lucky to have them. We enjoyed getting to know them. We also enjoyed hanging out with the guests and even got a couple board games going in the dinning area at night. What a great time. We'll try to send you some pictures.


Fishing was great. We went out with Alrin (sp?). He's a very good guide and cool guy. We caught some bone fish off shore of a small island (Arguana Island?). We also snorkeled on the big reef and saw a 6 foot sting ray.


All in all, a great trip. One we'll remember forever. I'm sure we will go again one day!



Todd and Lina"

"Dave and Linda,


We had such a wonderful time on our second trip to the Green Parrot. Leo and Isabella were wonderful. It is so nice to get away and have such fantastic treatment and care. We can't wait to get back and are already planning our third trip, with such a place waiting for us, how could we not!!!


Thank you for all the logistics you took care of for us!!


Monica and Rhonda"



We had the vacation of a lifetime!!!


My family had so much fun and it was really a great time. Leo was at the heart of it all. He arranged everything for us and my kids loved him! The cabanas were fun and just what we were hoping for. The kitchen was great and Theresa took great care of us! We will be back. My younger son wanted Arlin to adopt him, haha.


Please dont change a thing until we get back there!!!


Warm Regards



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