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The Palcencia peninsula, where the Green Parrot is located, is the springboard to some of the most exciting dive sites in the world. The second longest barrier reef in the world comes south along the coast of Belize. The reef separates itself farther and farther from the mainland as it moves south. The result is a broad expanse of coral reef with channels that go down from 90 to 110 feet, rising abruptly into shoals and cayes, providing many nearby scuba locations. At the last official count there are a minimum of 20 named dive sites in the southern waters of Belize, off Placencia, bursting with untouched coral and abundant fish life.

The video above was prepared by Blake Newsom, a Green Parrot Resort guest.

Dive Locations

Our local tour operators make trips to both Inner and Outer Reef. Most dives are boat drift dives and divers are accompanied by a certified, insured PADI Dive Master or higher rating.


Diving The Inner Reef. The Inner Reef, or the Lagoon as it’s called, acts as a home for juvenile aquatic animals. Here divers will find most of the Gorgonians, known in the Caribbean as sea fans, sea whips, sea plumes and sea rods, as well as the Pederson Cleaner Shrimp, Yellowline Arrow Crab, Giant hermit Crab and a wide variety of fish such as Spotted Drum(adult and juveniles), Spotted Eagle Ray and Southern Stingray.


The depth range on these inner reef dives is between 60-80 ft. Visibility is between 50-100ft. Among the Cayes we visit in the Inner Reef are French Louis Caye, Crawl Caye, Lagoon Caye, Moho Caye and Tarpon Caye.


Diving the Outer Reef.  The Outer Reef, or the Barrier Reef, is home to some of the most spectacular walls in the Caribbean, that start from around 40ft. and drop off to approx. 300ft. Maximum depth for diving is 100ft, and is multi level diving. Turtles, Manta Rays, Moray Eels and Lobsters are just a few of the creatures divers will encounter in the Outer Reef. Outer reef visibility is around 80-120ft. Among the Cayes visited in the Outer Reef are Silk Caye, Hunting Caye, Ranguana Caye and Gladden Spit.


Daily Schedule.   Daily 2-tank dive trips start at 8am with a comfortable 45 minute to one hour ride, depending on the final destination. Along the way there are opportunities for seeing and even snorkeling with dolphins, if they are in the mood.


After the first dive, you go to one of the beautiful islands for a surface interval (approx. 1.5 hours), and have a picnic lunch. After lunch you set out for another dive spot and the second dive. Then it’s back to the comforts of Green Parrot at around 3:30pm-4:00pm, for a cool drink at the Green Parrot bar.


Water Temperature.   November through March water temperature is 76-79F. We recommend full 3mm wetsuits during these months. April through October, water temperature is 78-81F.


Whale Shark Season.  During the months of March through June, Southern Belize offers divers and snorkelers the unique opportunity for spotting the large pelagic feeder known as the Whale Shark. If you are planning a dive trip with Whale Sharks in mind, the best time to do so during these months.  You should plan to be here three days before the full moon to three days after the last quarter moon (it’s during this period that Cubera Snappers spawn, attracting the Whale Sharks). March-June is also spawning season for many other species of fish and mating season for turtles. April and May are the BEST two months for sighting Whale Sharks.




(Amounts in US Dollars and are subject to change )


Daily 2 Tank Dive (with gear) - $155 pp Includes tanks & weights, all gear, lunch, chamber insurance, and park fees


Daily 2 Tank Dive (without gear) - $140pp Includes tanks & weights, lunch, chamber insurance and park fees.


**Whale Shark Dive - $205pp Includes tanks & weights, all gear, lunch chamber insurance and park fees.


Whale Shark Snorkeling - $105pp All gear, lunch and park fees


Regular Snorkeling Trip - $90USpp All gear, lunch and park fees


*Night Dives - $150pp Includes tanks & weights, all gear, chamber insurance and park fees.


Discounts are available for 4 days or more diving.


*Needs minimum of 4 divers


**Divers Must be advanced open water divers or have a minimum of fifty(50) log dives. This trip is also weather dependent.




Regulator, Octopus, air & depth combo $8.50 BCD $8.50 Mask, Snorkel & fins $6.00 Wetsuit $8.50, Computer Subject to availability, Dive Light $8.75, Compass $6.00, Tank Fill $5.00

(Amounts in US Dollars – 12.5% GST Additional)


Open Water – $425.00US per person – Course is 4 days total. One day classroom, one day pool and two days of open water training.


Referral Course - $305.00US per person – The last two days to complete full certification consists of four (4) dives over a two-day period.


Resort Course - $175.00US per person – This course offers approximately 45 minutes of academic training & confined water training. If all skills are performed successfully, there is an initial open water dive. Optional second dive. This course can be credited towards an open water dive course.


Advanced Open Water - $350.00USpp – A total of five (5) dives over a three day period.


Rescue Dive Course - $350.00USpp – A total of 5 days with 2 days of open water rescue training open water training.


Refresher Course - $150.00USpp – For divers who haven’t been diving for a year or more.

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