Cave Tubing

Belize offers a number of options for cave tubing.  We do day trips to various locations.  A licensed guide will take you through the caves.


Join a group gently floating through one of many caves, see underground waterfalls and magnificent rock formations. After cave tubing, take a swim in a pool of clear fresh water listening to the rush of a nearby waterfall.


Belize is known for the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) caves, located near San Ignacio.  This exciting tour combines hiking and river floating. This trip is for persons in good physical shape.  The Green Parrot ATM tour is priced at $185US as person and requires a minimum of 4 persons.  Lunch is included on this tour.


Our Caves Branch tour is priced at $155US a person.  Prices are subject to change as gas prices change.

Entrance to cave
Deep inside cave
Cave features

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