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Green Parrot Beach Houses - Merchandise

Did you get home from your trip to the Green Parrot and forget to buy a Green Parrot  T-shirt?  Not to worry!  Now we are offering a limited selection of Green Parrot T's on-line at the Green Parrot Web Store.

Green Parrot  T-Shirt


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These limited editions Green Parrot T's are a great way to bring back memories of your stay at the Green Parrot and of Belize.  The T's offered are also a wonderful work of art created by our co-owner - Linda!  She adapted the artwork on the back of the shirt from the lovely wooden sculpture that is on the wall in the Green Parrot restaurant.   So place that order now -while supplies last- and let all of your friends know that you spent some quality time at the lovely tropical paradise resort called The Green Parrot.


Quality preshrunk cotton shirts.